What does it LOOK LIKE?

Nearly three weeks ago, my father passed away.

In early January, he was given just 3-6 months… he passed away 9 days later.  He’d learned of the recurrence in May.
Linn’s Stamp News published a beautiful obituary that addresses his philatelic research and career as a journalist.  Not only did Linn’s publish an obituary, but the San Francisco Chronicle (where he’d worked for nearly three decades) published a complementary obituary and a former colleague wrote an additional story about him.

My father is the reason why my creative research began to explore cancerous growths, beginning in 2008 when he was diagnosed with lung cancer.   He had a lobectomy and ultimately recovered.  He could howl at the moon again.  Eight years later, he experienced a recurrence.  Just a few short months ago, he took Montréal by storm.  But this time, the answer wasn’t so simple. It was aggressive. It took him quickly, but he passed away with the dignity that he craved and deserved.

I am so proud of him and his life’s work.  One of the greatest gifts of adulthood was the transformation that our relationship experienced.  He was still my father, but he was so much more than that.  I saw him for the person that he was.  I’ll miss the museums, coffee houses, the conversations and exchanged letters, and the curiosity for life that we’d shared.  & I’ll miss the gin martinis, with a twist. 😉

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