A preview of the latest works..

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Recently, I’ve been experimenting with some new shapes… check out the Specimen Studies portfolio to see more!
For the Fall 2016 semester, I have been awarded a pre-tenure sabbatical.  During that time– in addition to my other studio work — it is my goal to complete at least 1 specimen study per week for the duration of the semester.  normally, I complete 15-20 of these per year.. so to aim for 15 in a semester is a lofty goal.

For my part, I’m very excited about the direction that this body of work is taking. I’ve become less self conscious and am allowing myself to experiment more and play with different materials.  I’ve been filling flocked cavities with resin and glitter, used microbeads to cover an entire surface, and allowed myself to use Swarovski crystals with reckless abandon.

More than anything, I’m excited to take advantage of my sabbatical and see what happens in the studio. 🙂

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