What The Flock?

In recent works, I’ve become very interested in applying flocking to my smallest sculptures.  Flocking is the application of micro fibers to a surface.  Mixing these fibers with glitter adds a certain luster and softness to the work.  My flocking is purchased in bulk, with most of my suppliers catering to nail art (really?!).

Receiving shipments feels like Christmas morning, full of possibility and wonder.  The color combinations are endless.

New shipment of flocking. 12 new colors!

Before I reach the flocking point of my process, my forms are cast in plaster, carved, primed, and then spray painted with Montana Gold Acrylics.  Then I apply a thin layer of acid-free adhesive (I prefer Sobo) and then sift the flocking overtop.   Sometimes, it takes a few layers to create the desired aesthetic.  In between each layer, I apply more adhesive to better secure the flocking.   If needed, I can use a plastic baggie as a protective barrier and use a q-tip to press the flocking into the glue.  I’ve got to be careful not to apply too much glue at a time, otherwise it makes the flocking appear rigid and clumpy.

Once the glue has cured, I gently tap the flocking back into it’s container and brush it off of my plaster casting with a makeup brush.  To test the stability of the flocking, I will also try to remove as much of it as I can with pressured air.  Anything that isn’t fully secured ends up making friends with the interior of the plexiglass in my shadowbox frames.

The resulting forms become even more colorful and plush, something difficult to achieve through plaster.



One Plus Two (Minus One)

One Plus Two (Minus One), 2014
3” x 3” x 1” (unframed), 9×9 overall framed in shadowbox
Cast plaster, flocking, microbeads, Swarovski crystals, paint


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